Dancing Zebras

Saturday, February 24, 2007 1 clicked here to leave a comment
If you are new to NLC, you may not have heard one of our signature phrases - dancing zebras.

Here is what it means...

At NLC, we are about connecting disconnected people to Christ. They get the best of who we are and what we have and that means that whatever it takes to reach them, we do. Regardless of our personal preferences. Regardless of whether or not it is convenient. Regardless of the cost.

Right now, in south Charlotte, we think the best way to reach disconnected people in a public worship service is doing it in a way that makes sense to them - music like the music they listen to in the car (even many of the same tunes), teachers and upfront leaders who are a little irreverent and don't take themselves seriously (no backlighting here...), and good coffee.


If we became convinced that the most effective way to reach people in our area was through dancing zebras, we'd sell the drum kit and blow up the stage and set design and do whatever it took to bring the zebras in.

I don't care for dancing zebras. They are smelly and high maintenance. I bet you don't either.

But that doesn't matter...we do whatever it takes to connect disconnected people and Dancing Zebras is a (very) visual reminder of that!

I'm looking forward to telling the folks at the Getting Connected class all about that tomorrow afternoon!

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