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As we get closer to our 3-day fast that starts this Thursday, I thought I would share some thoughts about fasting. All of this will be covered in more detail at 7:00p on Wednesday in the main NLC auditorium, but in case you can't make it out that night, this should serve as a decent primer.

What is Biblical Fasting? Biblical fasting is simply abstaining from 'something' for a given period of time. The purpose of a fast is to take the time you would normally spend doing 'something' and replace it with more time in prayer, bible reading, and devotions. 

Types of fasts:
   • Normal fast: abstaining from all solid foods.
   • Partial fast: astaining from food for certain time period [Ex: breakfast, lunch, dinner]
   • Partial fast: abstaining from soda, sweets, etc...
   • Daniel fast: fruits, vegetables, water, and juices
   • Media fast: abstaining from Facebook, Twitter, television, computer, etc..
   • There are others, but the list above should give you a great start.

Tips for fasting:
   • Make a determination to finish strong. If it doesn't mean anything to you it will not mean anything to God.
   • Pick a bible reading plan and stick to it. [www.youversion.com]
   • Get plenty of rest.
   • Drink plenty of water.
   • When you feel hungry, use that as an indicator to pray.
   • Find a friend to pray for you and with you.
   • Attend one or all of the nights of prayer. Thurs - Sat 6-8p
   • Don't gorge yourself on food in the days before your fast.
   • Go in with the understanding this is going to be tough. The greatest rewards are proceeded by the hardest work.

If you have any questions, join us Wednesday at 7:00p and we will answer any question you have.

During the fast, the church will be open Thursday - Friday from 6 - 8 PM. Feel free to use this as a time to come by and pray as well as talk with others about what God is doing in your life. You're not obligated to spend the whole 2 hours at church; you can drop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time... completely up to you.

Also, during the time the church is open for prayer, some of us are going to be learning different ways to pray: Contemplative prayer, centering prayer, prayer walking, etc. You might want to sit in on that if it interest you.

Finally, for many of us, this will be the first time we have ever done anything like this. If that is your story, I am excited for you because you are about to experience God in a way that you never have before.

- Pastor Clay

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