Video Blog: The Empty Chair - Part 1

The Empty Chair - part 1 from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo .

Video Blog: Starting Point

Video Blog- Starting Point from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo .

Lacrosse, Leadership, and the Spiritual Life

My oldest son Justin (14) is a big guy. Big as in nearly six feet tall, 250+ pounds, size twelve shoes. Much bigger than me. Naturally...

Monday Morning Reflections

-What a great Sunday! As always, Dan Southerland was absolutely incredible - clear, funny, compassionate, compelling, biblical. His call to ...

Who We Hook Up With (And Why)

No, not THAT kind of hook up! (Gee whiz, guys)... That's a topic for another sermon series. Anyway... Every now and then I am aske...

The Return of Dan The Man

Looking forward to this weekend tremendously because Dan Southerland will be teaching at NLC. Dan was one of the founding pastors of Next ...

Video Blog

Video Blog- Easter Prep from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo .

Following Turn-By-Turn

GPS Life Guide from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo .

The Guts of a Leader

Little known fact: my youngest son BJ's given name is Jonathan. He is named after the son of King Saul and the best friend of King Davi...

Following the Spirit

Yesterday we talked about the incredible experience of following the Holy Spirit's guidance, a sort of moment by moment spiritual GPS fo...

Getting Ready For Sunday

Staff and volunteers at Next Level put hours and hours into getting ready for our worship experiences on Sunday morning. But did you ever th...

Video Blog: Kid City

Video Blog: Kid City from NextLevelChurch on Vimeo .

Custom-Crafted, Not Mass-Produced

So, here is a reprise of the teaching from yesterday with several identifying questions to help you identify your spiritual type. Big Idea...

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