Heroes On Both Campuses

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
The post title has a double meaning.

First, this week we will be in our new Heroes series in both Matthews and Ballantyne. Very excited about this series and its potential to strengthen families throughout South Charlotte.

The series Big Idea is "Give your best to the kids in your life by giving your all to God". We'll be unleashing what that means and talking about very practical ways to do that. Please invite anyone and everyone with kids in their life. Pumped for the music this week as well: Foo Fighters in Matthews and Counting Crows in Ballantyne. Not in the flesh, I mean, but you get me..

The second meaning of my post is just a simple acknowledgement that we have major league heroes on both campuses - our volunteers if Kid City, Studio 45, and Wi-Fi. One of the ways NLC gives its best to the kids in our lives is by having our very best volunteers mobilized in ministry to children and students.

Rene', Cathy, Susan and their small army of volunteers are incredible - thanks, guys! Make sure you say thanks to a volunteer Hero this weekend!

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