Things I Am Excited About [Todd]

Thursday, December 10, 2009
-The Christmas season, where everyone is just a little more spiritually sensitized and open.

-A new John Irving novel.

-Starbucks Christmas Blend and those cookies at Trader Joe's (Ho-Ho's...or Jo-Jo's) with the candy cane studded cream centers. Yum.

-The plans and preparations for our Christmas Eve services at Next Level. It is going to be INCREDIBLE and you absolutely have to do everything you can to get everyone you know there.

-FUEL this past Sunday night - incredibly charged worship and an amazing moment when we put Post-It Notes with the name of our friends we want to see at Christmas Eve up on a cross and prayed together for all those names and the lives they represent.

-Our teaching series for next year - they are going to be so much fun. It is a year of emphasizing relationships - with God and with each other - and our teaching reflects that. Plus, we have three music-themed series including one which will lead off the New Year that is UNLIKE ANYTHING we have done before!

-What's going on in our student ministry right now...not only the rowdy public stuff but the stories of life change and leadership development I am hearing every week.

-The renovations in Kid City - if you haven't been over there yet, you have GOT to go see what a bunch of volunteers pulled incredibly warm, bright and welcoming space where kids can have the best day of their week!

-Unwrapped, Part Two this Sunday - when I am gonna talk about ugly feet and you. Yep, you.

-And this is just a partial list.....God is good and doing some great things at NLC!

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