Monday Reflections

Monday, August 23, 2010
Wow, what a weekend!

-Could barely sleep Saturday night knowing everything that had gone into preparing Legendary:Encore. And I was not disappointed - not just by the musio, the set, the great job you guys did of inviting people - but I loved the sheer energy all around campus all morning. It was clear God was there - and this was just the start!

-TWENTY-ONE students prayed to receive Christ in the Student Center on Sunday morning. WOW! So grateful for an amazing student ministries team of staff and volunteers that creates environments where kids can hear and respond to the claims of Jesus.

-It is good to see the Panthers playing football again! Except for the offense and special teams, that is.

-A couple of HUGE meetings tomorrow planning and crafting some new initiatives for the Fall - I can't leak the details quite yet but suffice it to say I am pumped.

-THIS coming Sunday is going to be huge. We are doing everything we can to create a morning where the Gospel is going to be presented with absolute crystal clarity and intentionality. THIS is the Sunday to invite your disconnected friends if you never have before. I am going to write later this week about how best to prepare for Sunday, but you know the two key components - pray and invite!

-Excited that Life Group semester is getting closer. Not only do I love it personally, but I know people are going to make life-changing connections and that gets me pumped.

-BJ turned thirteen this weekend. We went to see The Other Guys which is very funny, but completely inappropriate for a thirteen year old - so be forewarned. I didn't do my research. Anyway, I am now the dad of two teenage sons and I am not quite sure how to feel about that!

-Did I mention this coming Sunday is going to be huge and we gotta be praying and inviting all we can?!?!

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