The Best Sunday Of The Year

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 2 clicked here to leave a comment
This Sunday is Vision Day at NLC, which we do twice a year.

In January, Vision Day focuses on recommitting ourselves to our mission and core values.

In the fall, Vision Day focuses on what God has for our church in the next stretch.

What God has for us is big...really, really Big.

And you are going to hear all about it on Sunday. We'll even give you a DVD to take home with you to get it all down.

It is some crazy stuff, mostly involving taking the third fastest growing city in the most influential nation in the history of the world for Christ. You know, little stuff like that.

It is church the way you have never seen it done before and a vision that is honestly overwhelming. We have been looking at this vision and at times thinking "Really? Us?! God, sure you have the right cats?"

And He keeps saying "Yep. Strap it on and go for it".

We hear and we will and you will hear all about it on Sunday. Don't miss it, whatever you do.

Can't wait to see you there.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Praying for you guys and for Vision Day... sounds like the Lord is really moving at Nextlevel... it is amazing to watch what He can do when we surrender ourselves to His will. Continuing in prayer.

  • Anonymous said...

    Todd! We are going to be at the Studio 45 opening. We don't want to miss the vision as well. We can't go to both services because of my husband's job. Can we get the DVD so as not to miss anything?

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