Weekend Recap: What's Wrong With Me

Friday, November 08, 2013

This week we began a study of Romans chapters 5-7. These particular chapters are very deep, difficult passages of scripture and we are breaking it down into something simple that we all can understand. We started with a premise that is not popular in our American culture: We are not good people that occasionally do bad things. I know that sounds tough, but stay with me. The Apostle Paul says in these chapters that we are sinners. We are sinners that occasionally do Good things.

You and I are a sinner, not because of our sinning - many get that picture wrong. We are a sinner because of something you have no control over, we are a sinner because at the core of our nature we were born a sinner. And if you want to blame someone, blame Adam for that. It is his fault that you can’t just stop lusting, stop being jealous, stop talking bad about people, can’t control your finances, or can’t control your temper.

The good news in all of this is that the problem is not that you don’t have enough self control (you’ve probably already gone down that road). The problem is that you and I were born a certain way... We were born sinners. Therefor sinning comes naturally.

Don’t believe me? Just look at your children... In fact, I have never had to teach Bryce how to hit his brother. I have also never had to teach my children how to be disrespectful to mom.. It just all comes naturally.

Admitting that I am a sinner is tough, especially in light of how the church applies that word so angrily to our friends and family. But the beginning of understanding what God has done for you in Christ, not just for heaven, but for you in this life, all stems from this understanding of what is sin and how does it relate to me.

We have been brought up to think that the problem is with what we have been doing. So, we go about trying to correct our behaviors. But in doing this,we are just dealing with the symptoms, not the real problem. The problem is not with what you do, the problem is with who we are.

And that is the problem that Jesus came to solve. He did not come to fix all the things we were doing wrong, he came to fix the problem of who we are at our very core - we are a sinner and therefore we are separated from the life that God wants for us. And since we are separated from God, we are a slave to sin. And the consequence of sin is death. Not just death to our bodies, but sin brings death to our relationships, our marriages, our families, and our careers.

But if I have been placed in Christ and I am a “new creature”, then I do not have to continue to identify with who I used to be because I am not who I used to be. I am someone new. God offers us a freedom unlike anything we have experienced before.

But many Christians, don't feel any different. They still give in to the strong power of being tempted. So, what do you do? We are going to talk about this on November 10 at Next Level Church.

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