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Monday, September 10, 2007 1 clicked here to leave a comment
The Venue is officially launched! We are through the very first week of our live video venue in the student center at NLC, and it feels great to have another top-quality service on campus that frees up more seats for more people.

The band brought their A-game, the teaching was great, and the bagels were fresh. Yeah, bagels. (Hey, that's a pretty good incentive for me...)

We have worked hard to get this venue up and running and the technology there is great. If you are a tech junkie, you will love the two 50 inch plasma TV side screens and the huge center screen and HD projector.

In the auditorium, we had some empty seats for the first time in a while, which is a good thing! We want there to be room for people to come and hear Jesus' message of hope and restoration.

All in all, I think this Sunday morning went very well. We here at NLC are excited for the future, excited for what God wants to do through us if we continue to follow His vision.

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  • kay said...

    WOW Todd what a sermon!!

    it was so quiet in the service you could hear a pin drop. my husband and i really enjoyed it and found lots to discuss afterwards.

    and of course, GREAT MUSIC Harrison!!

    thanks and can't wait to hear Dan next week.

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