Monday, April 07, 2008
After several requests, wanted to put up the main teaching points from yesterday in Part Two of The Classics.

The Big Idea for the whole series: Spiritual growth is the result of commitments we make and practices we repeat.

Yesterday's focus - the Bible.

Two tools: SOAP and the Big Idea.


The Big Idea is the combination of the subject and the complement:
Subject: What is the author talking about?
Complement: What is the author saying about what he is talking about?

HTs to Wayne Cordiero and Haddon Robinson for the above...

The challenge this week: Read the Bible at least four times for at least ten minutes each time using the SOAP and Big Idea methods.

For more context (remember how important context is??) check out the online teaching or, better yet, subscribe to the podcast so that is gets delivered conveniently to your iPod!

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