Custom-Crafted, Not Mass-Produced

Monday, March 01, 2010
So, here is a reprise of the teaching from yesterday with several identifying questions to help you identify your spiritual type.

Big Idea: Spiritual growth is custom-crafted, not mass-produced.

Text: Mark 12:29-31, with particular emphasis on verse 30: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength".

Type 1: The Geek (Mind)
1. Are you excited by study, at home in the worlds of ideas and concepts?
2. Do you feel close to God when you learn something new about him?

Type 2: The Lone Ranger (Soul)
1. Do you enjoy long periods of time alone with God in silence?
2. Do the words "solititude", "silence" and "meditation" appeal to you?

Type 3: The Tree Hugger (Soul)
1. Do you enjoy being outdoors and feel especially connected to God in nature?
2. Do you love passages in the Bible that talk about the things that God has created - the ocean, the mountains, etc?

Type 4: Papa Smurf (Heart)
1. Do you love to care for others in tangible ways - providing a meal, a listening ear, a ride to work or church?
2. Do you sometimes wonder why others don't care for others more?

Type 5: The Revolutionary (Strength)
1. Does this sentence sound like you: "We Christians should DO more instead of just talking all the time!"
2. Do you like organizing others around a common goal or cause? Do the words "justice" and "right versus wrong" resonte with you?

Next Steps:
1. Identify your own type and "wear the groove"!
2. Identify the type of someone close to you and find at least one concrete way this week to encourage them to be more of who God has made them to be my making them that type.

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