Wednesday, April 13, 2011
We prayed that LOVE REVOLUTION would mark the most unprecedented outpouring of generosity in Next Level's history and those prayers were answered in truth!

I announced on Sunday that the total cash and pledges for LOVE REVOLUTION to date was right at $205,000. That number has gone up! Right now our total is $225,000!!

Way to go, Next Level!

Here's what's going to happen next in each of our ministry areas, based on Acts 1:8

A team is working immediately to secure a rental house in Springhill, get that house upfitted, identify a missionary couple, and move them in. The work of finding the house has already begun, because of your generosity!

In addition, we are able to move forward aggressively in increasing our involvement with Stallings Elementary. Meetings are scheduled with the principal and key staff members now that we know we have resources to move ahead!

We'll be able to produce a Next Level worship CD to put in your hands as an invite tool and to encourage other churches who want to reach disconnected people. Now that we know that we have the resources, we are securing studio space and time, planning the track list, and working on arrangements, due to your generosity!

We are going to blow the roof off of Rock Rest Elementary (in a good way!) now that we have resources! We're going to be able to be involved not just at special times but also year round. It really is amazing to have the resources in hand we have now - we are going to be able to move from being benefactors to best friends at Rock Rest. A team including an NLC member who is a teacher at Rock Rest is strategizing what we can do right away, due to your generosity!

The Ends of the Earth
Due to your generosity, we have written a check to Compassion International to adopt a village of thirty-five "mother/baby units" in Peru, insuring that they will have education, health care, housing, nutrition, and the chance to hear the Gospel. Furthermore, we will be able to involve all age groups of NLC people in personal relationships, correspondence, and mission trips...all due to your generosity!

In addition, your LOVE REVOLUTION generosity has funded the following areas for 2011:
Car Repair Ministry
Home Repair Ministry
Extreme Home Makeover in Springhill
The Benevolence Fund (which keeps the lights on and food on the table for struggling families and single moms)

OK, what's next for YOU???

1. There are going to be key volunteer opportunities in each of these areas of ministry. Be praying where God will have you plug in.

2. Remember, the total amount given is cash AND pledges. If you made a pledge, it is critical that you fulfill it so that all of the above can be put into motion. I can't overemphasize that we cannot do all of the things I listed above unless we all follow through on our giving pledges!

3. There is still time to give! You can give online and designate it to LOVE REVOLUTION or you can write that in the memo line of your check.

4. It's critical that we continue the same positive tithing/giving trends that we have experienced so far in 2011. Remember, your LOVE REVOLUTION gift is ABOVE and BEYOND your regular biblical tithing.

My heart is so full of gratitude for what God has done through you in LOVE REVOLUTION!

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