How to Change the World

Thursday, May 31, 2012
People have all kinds of crazy ideas they think will change the world. "If only everyone would just ______, the world would be a better place." Fill in the blank. We all have from time to time. If only everyone would just vote for a certain candidate, if everyone would just focus on curing diseases, if only everyone would just smile more often instead of getting mad...

The problem with our big ideas? 99 times out of 100, we do absolutely nothing to make them happen. Our ideas sit on the shelf and collect dust. (And would they have changed the world anyways?)

We have an awesome couple in our church that has an idea that they think can change the world. We at Next Level Church happen to think it can change the world as well, which is why we are proud to partner with them as they work to achieve their goal.

So what's their fill in the blank? "If only everyone in the world had the Bible translated into their own language, God's word could change EVERYTHING." That's the beauty of their big idea. It's not just about making the world prettier or happier or healthier. It's about giving everyone in the world the most important possible gift they could have: a chance to understand that there is a God who gave everything for them, a God who wants to adopt them into His own family.

That's a love revolution waiting to happen. Check out the story of Ken and Anne Haugh.


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