Wednesday, August 15, 2012
So let's get this out in the open: I am not a teacher. I watch Pastor Todd and Pastor Jared with awe and wonder how someone could possibly talk for twenty-eight minutes straight.

(And not only talk, but communicate life-changing truths! I'll stick with the guitar for now.)

Ok, now that we've established that I'm not a teacher, I will inform you that, for some crazy reason, Pastor Todd invites me to the "teaching meeting" weekly. I will also inform you that the teaching meeting is awesome. It's a group of really smart guys talking about and praying for the teaching each weekend, studying Scripture and helping the teachers come up with new and creative ways to communicate God's truth.

(Todd says he likes me there precisely because I don't think like a teacher, which means my ideas usually fall into the "that's just crazy enough to work!" catagory.)

Something stuck with me from this weeks teaching meeting, something I am anxiously looking forward to hearing more about this weekend. It's been rattling around my brain for the last two days because I've never heard this thought put this way.

Ok, ready for the sneak peek at this week's teaching?

It all has to do with this phrase: "bring people to Jesus." It seems like a phrase we hear all the time in Christian circles, and if you're talking about a person that brings people to Jesus, you're usually talking about a person who repeatedly prays with people to make a first-time decision to follow Jesus.

It can certainly mean just that, but there is a story in the Bible in which that phrase takes on a whole new meaning.

Remember the story of the crippled man with amazing friends? They knew Jesus was a healer and they knew that if they could somehow get their friend to Jesus that he could make the man walk once more. The problem? The house where Jesus was teaching was PACKED out. Like, free Bieber concert at Porter Ridge High School packed out.

So what did these awesome friends do? They brought him to Jesus. Like, literally.

They got past every obstacle in their path and physically brought their friend to where Jesus was. Now, I'm not saying that Jesus lives in the four walls of the church, but the church is a place where the truth of Jesus is taught in an amazingly clear way every Sunday.

Here is the question for you: what will you to do bring your friends to Jesus? What will you do to physically bring your friends to the church?

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