Who Wants Terrible Tickets?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
In the next three paragraphs, I think I can get you to see what the most important things in your life are.

Imagine this scenario: someone gives you four tickets to the Super Bowl. This leads to one of the hardest decisions ever. Out of all your friends and family and co-workers, you can only share this amazing opportunity with THREE of them. Who do you take? If you could, you'd share them with everyone you know. Even people who don't like football would probably go just because of your excitement alone.

Now, imagine this: someone gives your four tickets to your annoying neighbor kid's four-hour long school play. This leads to one of the hardest decisions ever. Who do you subject to this? Do you even invite anyone? Do you even attend? It feels pretty difficult to invite three of your friends to something you're not passionate about at all.

The point is this: the things that are the most important in your life, the things you're passionate about, the things you're proud of, you don't have to hide. You don't have to worry about who to invite. You don't have to worry about looking bad in front of your friends because it's your PASSION.

I think that Jesus wants us to be passionate about Him. He wants our faith to be real, something that goes beyond Sundays and invades every part of our lives.

Would you invite your friends to church? Would you invite them to hear the life-changing message of Jesus? Maybe you have hesitation because you're not sure if you're even on board, or you're not sure if the message is all that life-changing.

Good news. We've got a brand new series starting this weekend. It's called:

It's all about figuring out how to share the thing that's most important: the good news of Jesus. He wants everyone to be plugged in to His truth, His love, His church.

Maybe that's something worth sharing, something worth inviting someone to check out, because no one wants to be Unplugged.

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