Thankful In The Moment

Monday, April 29, 2013
We moved in February.

My wife loves the home, which is most important. And she is brilliant at finding bargains on stuff to fill the rooms (I am a cheap dude). Ahem..."thrifty", not "cheap".

On one of her mommy websites she found a dining room set last week for $350. Chairs, table, buffet - all for $350. I got my oldest son and his pickup truck, we loaded it up, and I wanted to write hymns to the thriftiness of my wife.

Here's the table and chairs.

Gee, thanks for posting that, Todd, you may be thinking. Um, why would I care about your dining room table?

Because it illustrates a larger point.

See, we converted our living room into a library/home office for me and I work there most days. I glance to my left and I see the dining room set.

And it makes me happy.

It's not fancy or expensive but it fills the first dining room we have ever owned and it is good. And God has been gracious enough to give me $350 to buy it and a strong eldest son and his pickup truck and we can entertain people around this table for years to come.

Life is good, even if you aren't rich.

Because God is good.

Thanksgiving should be like breathing; we should do it all the time - not just about the big things (a scan that comes back clean, a job after months of unemployment, a narrowly averted catastrophic car crash) but about the little things. A clean house, fresh laundry, a dew-drenched morning, a car that actually starts, a simple meal of pasta and vegetables and homemade bread.

All of life should be thanks.

As my friend Guthrie posted on my Facebook page last week: "It is good and appropriate that we pause and give God a thanks offering every day for his grace and provisions"

Or, as the Psalmist wrote about his own house (or lot):

"Surely the boundary lines have fallen to me in pleasant places" (16:6).

If you have a thankful heart, this is true whether you live on a lush golf course or in a mobile home park!

What simple things are you thankful for today?

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