How to Beat the Blues

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Here is one of the most famous blues lines of all time:

"The thrill is gone 

It's gone away from me 
The thrill is gone baby 
The thrill is gone away from me 
Although I'll still live on 
But so lonely I'll be."

Super uplifting, right? Makes you wanna jump around and dance and si...

No wait, the other thing. It's a bummer! Right there, you can tell that B.B. King wasn't feeling his best, that he was stuck in the house of blues.

We all get stuck there from time to time. The trick is getting out.

Find out how this April at Next Level Church. Great blues music every week, a live blues band in the lobby, and awesome teaching that should help you get out of the house of blues, or at least avoid it if you're not there now!

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