Celebrating New Life

Thursday, May 30, 2013
This past Sunday at the Matthews Campus we celebrated Baptism - the outer demonstration of an inward reality which Jesus gave the church.

The men, women and students baptized were saying "We acknowledge in a public way our faith in Jesus Christ".

As I mentioned at the Baptism, for many Christians in history to be baptized was to get a target on your back - an economic, relational and in some cases mortal target.

It's not so much the same for us but to be baptized is still a courageous and awesome act.

TWENTY-SEVEN people were baptized on Sunday - go God!

Two things about that:

Please pray for the folks we baptized, that God would confirm their decision and encourage their hearts.

And, second:

Thanks to the hundreds of you who stuck around to support those being baptized.

Great job, Next Level Church!

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