Confess or Conceal

Monday, October 21, 2013

This week we continued with Part 2 of our series, Sticky Situations. In it, we addressed the question of why it is so difficult to come forward and confess when we have done something wrong. We all have been there before... you did something and then you realize that you have really screwed up. You have blown it. And in that moment. you find yourself at a crossroads: You can come out and confess or you can try to cover it up.

In 2 Samuel 11, David finds himself him one of these situations. He has just had an affair with Bathsheba and gotten word that she is pregnant and he finds himself in quite a dilemma. He could go ahead and confess, but there a lot at stake, and in David’s mind, he has got to find a compromise for this and he decided what you and I are tempted to decide every day: That the way to deal with sin is more sin. The way to deal with deception is more deception. So, what ensued was an incredible cover up that not only cost a man his life, it cost a lot of men their lives too. And throughout the remaining life of David we see that this cover-up would end up costing him a lot as well: He lost three sons, lost the kingdom, lost his reputation, and he lost the respect of the people.

In the story of David we learn a very important principle - The immediate consequences of confession are always far less than the delayed consequences of the cover up.

And there are people everywhere, from all walks of life, who have lived out the consequences of a coverup. They would tell you that whatever you think you are avoiding by not confessing does not compare to what you are losing every day of your life by concealing.

The good news is that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and wants us all to live free. Free from the guilt and inner turmoil, free from the lies and deceit. If we will begin our confession with Him, he will forgive us and set us on the path to freedom.


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