Incredible Day

Thursday, March 29, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
What can you say about a day that starts out with a gathering of church planters, a killer leader from California...and ends with Cuban cigars on Rob's back porch in the warm sunshine?

Something like this - "You mean I get to do this for a LIVING?!?"

Tuesday, we gathered the planters from our two daughter churches - element and The Journey Church of Charlotte together with Karl Roth, a church planter himself and a trainer in our network, Growing Healthy Churches. In addition we brought in a couple of other guys who are planting or dreaming and scheming about planting new churches in Charlotte targeting a couple of ethnic populations.

Karl's content was great. The community was even better.

Here is what one guy wrote afterwards: "i told our vision team last night that i have never been a part of a group of guys that cuts up so freely and has so much fun, and yet allows God's spirit to move us into times of openness and vulnerability. there is POWER in that. "

That is the deal.

Guys, at the heart of NLC's DNA is giving ourselves away, and a big part of that is planting new churches - giving our people and resources and cash away so that something bigger can happen than can happen on Stevens Mill - even things we cannot "control".

It is a God thing, as we say around here all the time.

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