Kids and God

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
I am thinking a lot about kids these days.

Both because of my own - Justin and B.J. - but because these are kid-saturated days at Next Level.

We had thirty-five kids pray to begin a new life with God on Easter Sunday. Yep. Thirty-five.

Each kid who did that wrote their names on an index card and Rene and Cathy, our kids' pastors, gave each of us on the staff a small stack of cards, tied together with string so we can pray for them.

I am looking at my stack now, and praying for Trey, Zack, Olivia, and Brennan.

They have no idea what they did!

I mean, they do - cause the Kid City folks made it really clear what they were doing - but they have no idea what it will mean, the paths it will take them down, the suffering that will come, the peace and joy they will experience as a result.

Thirty-five kids.

Hard to believe sometimes we get to do this.....

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