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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 2 clicked here to leave a comment
Hey, NLC volunteers...back at Easter we asked you to step up huge because we were running out of room...and you did.

We needed to staff three services with volunteers and you did it without blinking an eye. And we caught and rode the spring wave of growth. You did it.

And as a result this year we have seen 110 people come to know Christ, and those are just the ones who have bothered to tell us so! And every week 700 or so people are on our campus..do you realize we have doubled in size in the last six months???

Now, here's the deal - we're headed back to two services for summer, beginning June 10. They will be at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. This will allow our volunteers to catch a break and also to gear up for the fall when some very, very huge things are going to happen...and no one will be able to catch a breath.

And that's all I can say about that right now...

Get ready, NLC...soon enough everything will be different on our campus...and beyond.

Our vision is nothing less than transforming the spiritual landscape of Charlotte in a way no church has ever before dreamed or dared. The pieces are falling into place. Stay tuned.

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  • Unknown said...

    Middle School will now be held at 11:00am. Mostly because we felt it would be easier for our disconnected neighbors (with MS students) to come to the later service. For this kind of information and more on a regular basis I would suggest the Wi-Fi eNewsletter. You can go to www.NextLevelStudents.com (and turn your pop-up blocker off) to subscribe.

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