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Monday, June 25, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
My first ministry job was in 1988.

I did not have an e-mail address or a cell phone. The church I was working for only had one computer, which the accountant used.

There was no voice mail system in the church. We had those little pink "While You Were Our Slips"...(wonder whatever happened to the inventor of those?!).

So, I have seen lots of stuff change and I am still this side of 40!

One thing I have learned is that spiritual leaders not only have to confront change, they have to create it, nurture it, invent it, sometimes even provoke it.

Lots of stuff is changing at Next Level, most of it caused by our growth.

You can't double your attendance in six months and have things stay the same.

Lots of things have to change.

That's why in the next months - yes even in the traditionally ministry-slow days of summer - you are going to hear a lot about change.

A new way of doing worship on our Stevens Mill campus.

Exactly what we are going to do with the trailers (we prefer to call them Complementary Modular Units).

And about our return to Ballantyne.

And that is all I am gonna say about that...for now!

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