Summer Camp '07

Thursday, July 12, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
Summer Camp was a success. This I can say with certainty because in Wi-Fi, the student ministries of NLC, we have a highly scientific evaluation process that we use. What's that you say? You absolutely must know what that system is?? Well fear not loyal blog reader (yes that was singular on purpose) here it comes...
Success Metric #1 - Insane Amounts of Fun
Status: Accomplished
From the moment we pulled into the parking lot the counselors from CrossRoads Camps were cheering our students on. Over the course of the week we experienced everything from pep-rallies for the rules, to 8-foot soccer balls, to the grey squirrel dance, to a petting zoo with a llama named "Reina". Camp was for all an insane amount of fun.
Success Metric #2 - Spiritual Progress across the Spectrum
Status: Accomplished
Part of the DNA of Next Level Church is that you can be anywhere on the spiritual spectrum and we want to help you take your next step toward God. Well, while we were at camp one student gave his life to Christ for the very first time and another one responded to God's call for him to dedicate his life to full-time ministry. Many of the students learned how to study the bible-some for the first time. Of the twenty-two people from NLC that attended, all had a life-changing encounter with God in some way or another. There was definitely spiritual progress across the spectrum.
Success Metric #3 - Everyone Survived
Status: Accomplished
This one speaks for itself. All in all we managed to survive a pep-rally for the rules, an 8-foot soccer ball, the grey squirrel dance, and a petting zoo with a llama named "Reina". There was one kid who came back bandaged up, but he was basically injured before we started... The adults all managed to survive as well, although the group leader was rumored to be extremely cranky for several days afterward.
All in all, camp was a huge success. God showed up in huge ways. New friends were made and fun was had by all. Wish you were there.

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