The Stakes Are High

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 1 clicked here to leave a comment
We are in one of the most intense seasons we have ever had at Next Level Church...and there has been a lot of intensity in our two years of existence.

We have maxed out our current facilities, there is less parking available than we need, and unless we address these needs quickly then we are stuck.

Combine that with the fact that we are looking to launch phase one of Project 485 in early 2008 - with a Ballantyne campus - and it is clear that we have to move to the half-life on developing resources.

That is PART of what High Stakes giving is all about.

Dan teed us up on Sunday talking about the legacy of giving we can leave and this Sunday I am up to talk about the insane blessings God wants to give to those who are financially generous.

And I want to camp on that last piece.

Sure, NLC needs the resources. We have to get more parking, we have to expand our current space on the Matthews Campus, we have to get the Ballantyne Campus up and running. The stakes are too high in terms of reaching disconnected people not to do all these things.

So, we are asking for two things:

First, on November 18, do everything you can to come up with $1,000 (or $5,000...or $10,000...or$100,000) so that we can get our needed parking put in place.

Every $1,000 represents a single or a family who needs to be here to hear how much God loves them.

And, second, roll the dice, up your generosity and see how God shows up.

If you are a spectator, become a GIVER.
If you are a giver, become a TITHER.
If you are a tither, give SACRIFICIALLY.

Starting right away. As a lifestyle change.

So, we need the resources to do what God is asking us to do.


The cool "secret" is that the person who benefits most from a lifestyle of generosity


Over the next two weeks I am going to be unfolding that in depth. Please don't miss these two weeks.

It is over the top cool to know that doing the thing God wants us to do results in the best possible life he has for us.

See you Sunday.

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  • kay said...

    i can't get what dan talked about sunday out of my mind. God is pulling at my heart (and wallet!). :)

    can't wait until this week!

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