Leaving an Explosive Legacy

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
Legacy can be a tricky thing.
Take for instance Alfred Nobel.
If you guessed he was famous for creating the Nobel Peace Prize you would be correct. You would also be correct if you guessed he was famous as the inventor of dynamite and known as a "merchant of death" in his day. Alfred Nobel made his substantial fortunes by inventing and marketing dynamite and that is what he was known for in his day. That was his legacy. In fact an obituary printed before his death read "Le marchand de la mort est mort" or "The merchant of death is dead." It also went on to say, "Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday."

Could you imagine if that was your legacy? Well neither could he. The premature obituary is widely credited with being the impetus needed for him to use his considerable fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Indulge me in a morbid exercise for just a moment. If your obituary were printed today what would it read? Committed wife? Great Father? Avid video-gamer? Worked lots of extra hours? Or would your legacy that you were a part of something bigger than yourself, that you gave yourself away selflessly. That you were a part of bringing God's Kingdom into this world.
This week at NLC we're talking about legacy, and just like Alfred Nobel your legacy lies within your power to change.

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