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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 2 clicked here to leave a comment
One of the best things about NLC people is that you ALWAYS step up.

And we need you to step up now.

Here's the deal: we are pretty much out of space in our auditorium for both the 9:30 and 11:00 AM worship services. We could shoehorn a few more people in, but if you arrive five minutes late with more than one person in tow, it looks as if there is no room when you come in the door.

Our greeters and ushers are doing a great job finding room for people, but it still looks intimidating if you are new.

This is where the HD Venue comes in. We can get more than 100 people in the Student Center at 11:00 AM. That is more than 100 seats available - comfortably - in the auditorium for new people, disconnected people.


The venue rocks. There is food in there not available at the auditorium (toasted bagels, rumor has it). It has a very cool, even slightly raucous feel. The band is great. And the video technology actually offers more and better clarity than you get sitting in the auditorium staring at a speaker past the third row.

Here's the big ask...

Try the venue for one month. You, yourself, and you. Or you, yourself, and your family.

You'll like it, you get toasted bagels, and even more importantly, you are opening up space for a disconnected person.

You always step up - thanks for doing it again.

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  • kay said...

    i personally recommend the venue!

    i am a 9:30 attender but tried out the 11:00 venue 2 weeks ago. it rocked!! great music and it was like todd was in the room with you.

    mmmm bagels..........

  • Anonymous said...

    The Band in the venue totally rocked this week! I like the fact that the crowd is a little crazier or more engaged or something in the venue...

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