Monday, March 31, 2008
Man, it is a bleak and rainy Monday here in the Queen City, make bleaker by the fact that Davidson lost valiantly to Kansas in the Elite Eight. That is somewhat made up for by the fact that Carolina has yet another trip to the Final Four ahead! (At least for me).

Great start to The Classics series yesterday. Awesome set design - looking like every guy's dream bedroom from the mid 70's (absent, of course, the Farrah Fawcett poster we thought it wise not to include). And tons of energy for the kickoff Big Idea: "Spiritual growth is the result of commitments we make and practices we repeat".

Great Leadership Community last night as well. We reviewed what has happened in the first three months of 2008 (breathtaking!) and looked ahead to all that is slated to happen in the fall (even more breathtaking, perhaps).

Very grateful for this stretch of growth, addition, and blessing!

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