Life Rafting

Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Justin is at NLC Crossroads Camp this week and so BJ and I are heading up to the mountains of NC for some dad-son time and some white water rafting and other fun stuff. Not the least of which is the ridiculously indulgent and wholly wonderful dinner at the Dan'l Boone Inn.

I try to take purposeful one on one trips with each of my guys at least once a year. This is a fun one for BJ as he will turn eleven this summer. The really big trip will come next summer when he gets his rite of passage, pre twelve year old trip with Dad. The idea is that each boy chooses what he wants to do for a two night trip, we go one on one, listen to some CDs about the challenges of the teenage years, and talk about God, girls, and the road ahead.

Justin chose golfing in the NC mountains and we had a great time. BJ still can't decide - rafting? Major League Soccer game somewhere? camping? Just three of about a dozen options he has mentioned...I keep telling him he has a whole year.

A year that seems like an eternity when you are ten.

A year that seems like a week when you are thirty-nine!

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