Today and This Week

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Great day today in both Matthews and Stone Creek.

Wrapped up the Movies series with The Dark Knight and a challenge to fight for the souls of guys.

Announced the Mint Hill launch and had folks coming up to Doug volunteering to be a part.

And in Stone Creek, had 86 at the Connection Lunch. That means that more than 200 have come to NLC Connection Lunches in the past seven days!

And this week will be great as well.

Our Matthews Campus will be host to the Discovery Center, an assessment for twelve church planter candidates (and their spouses, for those who are married).

NLC works with a group called the Growing Healthy Churches Network, which is all about planting community-transforming church plants and campuses of existing churches. We believe in these guys hard core and are part of their group and insist that all of our candidates for church planter and campus pastor go through the assessment. They are a West-Coast based group and so it is a big deal that dozens of folks from all over the country will be flying into Charlotte and hanging out at the Matthews Campus this week.

Rob Kendall and I will be assessors. Pray for us. The days are usually twelve hours long for candidates, and MUCH longer for assessors. We'll be exhausted by Friday night (though we usually have to fly back afterwards!). But this is my very favorite thing to do professionally outside of NLC ministry. No better investment of time than to get close to and speak into the lives of men and women who are hoping to give their lives to the most challenging and best job in ministry in North planting.

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