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Monday, November 09, 2009 11 clicked here to leave a comment
Next Level Church exists to help you take the next step in your relationship with God. One of the ways that we do this is by crafting teaching series that respond to the needs of the Church. We try to make them interesting, timely, and something you could invite your neighbor to. From time to time, however, we intentionally plan a Sunday, between teaching series, that we leave open to whatever we feel needs to be taught. One of those Sundays is coming up November 22nd (the week before Thanksgiving) and we want your help to decide what to teach on!

The Sunday is called "You Asked For It". Simply submit the topic that you would like taught about and we'll pick the best one and teach on it. There are three easy ways to submit your ideas:
1.) We enabled comments on this post, so just comment back here on the blog.
2.) Send a tweet to @nlctodd with your idea.
3.) Or submit it on the back of your connection card this Sunday.

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  • Anonymous said...

    the question why does god get away with it?
    for example god in all his great power can intervene in any situation. but why does he choose not to?

    for example:
    during The Holocaust live baby's are used for target practice buy Nazi solders.
    i believe in revelations it is said that children are ignorant from sin and will be the first to be taken so that they do not have to suffer.
    so why does good stand buy and do nothing

    if your best friend stood there and watched there child be murdered doing nothing to stop it.
    would we not prosecute them in one way or another?
    well does this exact instance not happen every moment of everyday.

    but why do we prosecute the human and not god?
    answer me that.

  • Anonymous said...

    A couple Weeks ago in the high school service Robbie spoke about how God is "A Late Night Neighbor".
    how god is someone who you can prey to and you will receive. a very common sermon in church. but how can that be under any circumstance be true? people in Rwanda Preyed to go and still died the most brutal deaths. so my first question is god really someone who loves us and wants the best for us? and if so would you personally consider being hacked to pieces whats best for someone. or some small child being raped whats best as well?

    the other thing is:
    During The Holocaust Nazi solders would toss live infants into the air and use them as target practice. as good stood by and watched.(I believe that in the bible it is said that children are ignorant of sin) therefore how can they be prosecuted for that?

    So let me ask you this.your best friend watch her child be raped and unjustly murdered. In someway are going to persecute her directly or indirectly?
    But if God does the same thing he gets glorified and honored.

    So why does god get away with it?
    because a book says so?

  • Robert C. said...

    How a about a teaching message about "God's will vs. Free Will" Since God granted free will, is it all God's will?

  • Anonymous said...

    It seems like we are a young church with plenty of young families. Help with family choices and kid stuff would be helpful.

  • Robert C. said...

    I'm full of message ideas so forgive me as I throw out a few more:
    1. It seems to me that the biblical order of creation fits with the theory of evolution. So it is possible evolution is the "extended play" version of intelligent design?
    2. This message could help explain predestination (i.e. why should we even bother to get out of bed each day if our path is already determined for us?)
    3. What about dudes and dudets in outerspace? if we ever discover them (or they admit to us they exist) and we determine they have compatible dna, could we live in community with them (I mean would God approve of intergalatic marriage, etc?)
    4. Is it possible that The final age (and thus the end times) began when Jesus ascended into Heaven
    5. Is it possible to have a female play an instrument in the NLC band? Not sure this is message material but is one of those things that makes me go hummm....

  • Anonymous said...

    If Jesus were alive today what would he say about (pick a topic) Darfur, global warming and the environment, socialism, abortion,adoption, race, prejudice,civil rights, Freedom of speech, Palestine and Israel, hunger, or competitive sports

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