Yes, That Was A Harley In Church [Todd]

Monday, November 02, 2009
...and no I did not ride it in myself to demonstrate how hip I am (that would have been so circa church a la 1995)...

We brought the Harley in to demonstrate the value of trading up.

Would Rob trade his Harley for my old running shoes?

Not so much.

But I would have traded my shoes for his Harley in a second.

But God offers a better deal than even a meticulously polished Harley - he offers his strength in place of ours; a strong new name in place of the limited names we have called ourselves by; and the best possible plan for our lives in place of our own short-sighted life strategies.

That is what Gideon's story was all about - trading our limitations in for the power of an unlimited God.

I encourage you this week to read the whole Gideon story (Judges 6-8) in light of what we talked about yesterday.

In fact, I dare you!

What can you trade in this week and get an unlimited God in return?

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