An Amazing Weekend and Beyond!

Monday, May 10, 2010
Reflections on this Monday afternoon..

-What an awesome Mother's Day celebration at NLC - so awesome to see the dudes of the church on their feet four times cheering these amazing women on! Remember, moms, you have a PROMISE and some ENCOURAGEMENT to cling to (Luke 1:45ff and 1 Cor 15:58).

-The campus looked amazing yesterday - our Curb Appeal team does not get enough props for making our sixteen acres look inviting and warm. Thanks guys and thanks to all of the First Impressions volunteers who add warmth to a great setting!

-Major props to super-volunteer Ron Hartwick, who brought roses for all of the moms volunteering as part of First Impressions...wish I had thought of that, my man!

-Can't WAIT for the launch of the House of Blues series this Sunday! Aside from the amazing music this will be a chance for us to spend an indepth five weeks looking at the topics of the "fruit" (think "results") of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. If you are looking to amp up your level of character development, want to learn more about the Holy Spirit, or have friends who wonder just what a Christian is actually supposed to "look" like, this is the perfect series!

-You MUST be INVITING the people you are invest in, NLC! Talk about an easy invite - "hey, my church is doing a series built around some killer blues music - you gotta come!"

-Almost lost in all of the attention paid to the Extreme Home Makeover was another amazing endeavor the Give:Love Project is involved in - read about it in the Charlotte Observer's coverage here. Guys, do you realize that your giving and serving makes stuff like this happen ALL THE TIME?!?! Way to give love away!

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