Flipping Kids

Monday, May 03, 2010
Yesterday was simply one of the most powerful worship services we have ever experienced at Next Level. From the opening notes of the first service I sensed (actually I have been sensing for months) that God was up to something big. He wants our families - particularly our relationships with our kids - to grow and thrive and reflect him. So it was incredible and affirming to me to hear your full-throated worship, witness your rapt attention, and see hundreds and hundreds of you take wristbands signifying your commitment to God to communicate the messages of Love, Perspective, and Purpose to your kids.

Because many have asked, here was the outline for the teaching with the fill-ins. And the text we worked out of was Ephesians 1:3-11.

The Three Biblical Messages Your Kids Must Hear and Internalize

You are LOVED more than you can imagine.

You are not the CENTER of the universe.

There is MORE to your life than your world will tell you.

All of those points can be found in the text but I also referenced Psalm 93 to illustrate the bigness and magnificence of God.

I am praying for all NLC people this week as you try to APPLY what you heard...I believe in you guys!

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