Monday Reflections

Monday, December 06, 2010
Yep, another awesome weekend at Next Level. We are blessed beyond measure to be in a season of spiritual and numerical growth and momentum at a time when churches typically "lull" before Christmas. So glad and grateful God is up to big stuff, like this kind of stuff:

-Girls' Night Out has been one of the best parts of this Fall -a brand new ministry designed to connect women to each other and see them into Life Groups. A couple GREAT events so far and a great turnout on Friday night, even with a lot of other things on the community calendar. Excited about the future of this strategic ministry.

-Proud of the Porter Ridge High School Pirates and their amazing season. Hate that they came up short in the state semifinals, but what an amazing ride and such promise for the future. I would have pulled for them anyway because of all the NLC students involved with the program or on the team but I have even more reason to because Coach Hardin is the son of MY son's football coach, and his team also reached the state semifinals in another division. Talk about a family dynasty!

-Speaking of football, what a crazy weekend! Were it not for two good friends who volunteer on our production team and are passionate Gamecocks fans, I would have enjoyed Steve Spurrier losing by as much as he did. Cam Newton is the real deal - clearly the best college player money can buy! (Heh). And, oh Panthers. Oh.

-Proud of our volunteers, especially the ones who worked outside greeting and parking cars on a cold Sunday morning. Week after week you guys show up and just get it done with great attitudes and serving hearts. All for the free doughnuts and coffee, right?

-Excited about the launch of A Christmas Carol and looking at our life in the past, present, and future. Each week of this series will build on the one(s) before but each will also stand alone - so make sure you are inviting folks every week!

-Speaking of inviting, who are you inviting for Christmas Eve services at 4 and 6 PM? Survey after survey tells us that THIS is the one time of year that folks who don't go to church are MOST likely to say "Yes" to a personal invite. You have the chance to be part of altering eternity for someone in just a few weeks!

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