What To Expect at Christmas Eve Services 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010
-Great music, both classic and really new.

-Lots of warmth and fun.

-Pastors Jared and Robbie being Pastors Jared and Robbie. Only more so.

-Mark Gillming hitting some high notes.

-The Big Reveal of our January Music Series. The last two years it has been "The Gospel According to the Beatles" and "Gone Country". This year's is (by far) the most surprising and mind-blowing yet!

-A presentation of the message of Christmas, the heart of the Gospel that is as crystal clear and compelling as we know how to make it.

-Tons of people (so get there early!).

-The chance to bless kids and people in need in our community and internationally through our Christmas Offering.

-One of the high water marks of our year together - don't miss it! And keep inviting, even into the day tomorrow!

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