Life Groups Have Launched

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Life Groups are off!
However, in what is now a 2-semester trend, I missed my first Life Group and made my poor wife Heather lead it without me.  This time it was slightly less my fault since I had a fever of 103... what can you do, right?

I can't wait to meet the people from my group and see how God chooses to change our lives over the course of the semester.  And I can't wait to make some new friends.  I love being in a group because you can watch God at work up close.

I also love overseeing the whole Life Group ministry, though. I often don't get to see things happen as close as if we were in life groups together, but over time I see people who were unsure about their relationship with God decide to really own it and learn to lead.  People who were themselves in need of being taught, now have the chance to pass along to others what they have learned.  It's really a beautiful thing.

I hope that as you enter into this Life Group semester that you are waiting and praying that God will do something in your life and in your group.  And who knows, He might just be leading you into a position of leadership yourself.

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