I Never Wanted a Preschool at NLC

Sunday, February 05, 2012
Confession: I never wanted to start a preschool at Next Level Church.

I figured it would take a lot of administrative oversight, be a money-sucker at first, and be only marginally related to the mission and vision of the church. Plus, I thought that mostly struggling churches who needed revenue had preschools, not ones focused with laser-like focus on mission.

I am very good at saying no (one of my few talents) so I said no for a while. But our Executive Pastor, Rob Kendall, argued the case for a preschool and I gave the go-ahead, sort of half-heartedly.

Boy, was I wrong. Dead wrong.

Few of our ministries are more mission-focused and productive than Weekday Kid City Preschool. We have seen a number of preschool families involved at NLC. Our crack preschool teachers have had the chance to care for kids and families in some profound ways. And, most importantly of all, hundreds of kids have been introduced to their best friend, Jesus Christ.

I wouldn’t trade the preschool for anything. It is an essential part of our mission and reflects our love for our community.

I am particularly grateful for the leadership of Chick Efird, our omnicompetent preschool director, who doubles as Children’s Pastor for the Blakeney Campus. There is simply no better children’s ministry professional in Charlotte, maybe no one better anywhere.

Registration is coming up. If you have a preschool age kid, you should consider involving them! Here are the details:

-Registration begins on Monday, February 13.

-Current preschool families and NLC peeps get a one week head start to register and secure a place for their kids.

-Open registration for the community begins on Monday, February 20, on a first come, first served basis.

-Registration packets are available on all Kid City registration desks at both campuses.

-Preschool is open to all kids who have turned 2-4 years old before August 31, 2012.

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