In God's Hands...

Thursday, July 05, 2012
There is no ability so base that in God's hands it can't be used for his glory.

Some of the rock stars at Next Level Church are people who have taken very simple abilities, made them available to God, and do it all with a great attitude.

Take for instance our Monday morning Connection Team.  They write notes to people who have visited the church, people who are taking a next step in their relationship with God, and people who ask for prayer during the services.  In the states, writing is a simple ability, but yielded to God it has an out-sized impact in people's lives.

Or think about digging and carrying.  There is a team of volunteers who work to make the campus beautiful. Mostly they are people who simply carry and dig, pick, pull, and plant.  It's a simple ability, but they are creating an environment where guest feel comfortable and welcome.  They are taking dirt and bringing beauty out of it.

Or think of people who have the ability to help children have a safe, fun time.  For these people, it just comes naturally.  Maybe because they learned to do it with their own children.  But when they take that ability and put it in God's hands with a great attitude they can teach children that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend.

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