A New Favorite Worship Song

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
I've learned that people connect to the world in all types of ways.

Some people use their words to feel connected.

Some people speak the language of service, and need to be in motion to be connected.

Me? My language has always been music. Songs help me identify thoughts and feelings and ideas better than words alone can. I've always been grateful that God gave us the gift of music.

There is a song that we featured this last weekend at Matthews, and will be doing again at both campuses this weekend. It's a song that helps me connect with God in ways that words alone can't match.

It's called "Cornerstone", and it's verses are actually from an old hymn, "Solid Rock". What is so amazing about this song, to me, is that it is both worship and promise, both glorifying and convicting.

You can't sing about Him being a cornerstone, the most foundational thing, in your life if He really isn't. The song has challenged me during my week- "Am I really living like I believe this?"

I can't wait to sing it with you again this weekend, Next Level, and my prayer is that God will use the awesome gift of music to do something bigger in your life.

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