A Sad, Hopeful, Personal Note

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
At the center of the belief system of those who follow Jesus is that God is the Author of Life. He created us all, he creates all of life, and because he is Lord and Author our lives are in his hands.

Those truths are sustaining to me today because Miranda and I received some sad news today - we lost our unborn child at sixteen weeks.

We are saddened and stunned - saddened for obvious reasons and stunned because there was no previous indication that there was anything amiss with the pregnancy.

But we are also trusting. In yesterday's blog post I wrote these words: "Followers of Christ should be the most fearless people on the planet, because we know that death does not get the last word".

I had no idea when I wrote those words how much I would need them today.

Many of you reading this have walked this road - we ask your prayers. We ask prayers from all of you and prayers for the many other women who are expecting at Next Level Church.

I am heading home from being out of town to be with Miranda for a medical procedure later this week. I would appreciate your prayers for safe and efficient travel.

Most of all, listen to these words with us, from the Author of Life himself: "I am the Resurrection and the life!"

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