Priorities: A good idea?

Thursday, October 04, 2012
Priorities are a good idea if you ever want to get something done.  Trying to lose weight, pay off debt, or finish that degree? It won't happen unless you make it a priority.

So we all know that priorities are a good idea.  But did you know that priorities are a God idea? He has woven them into the fabric of how life works.  In fact, God's priorities for life really aren't optional.  Whether you believe in God or the Bible or not, there is a flow to life that demands that we respect the way God has created humans to live.

You must prioritize your spouse above your children.  While children may take up a larger quantity of time your first and best must go to your spouse. Why?  Because if you get these priorities reversed it will lead to having no spouse which will negatively impact your children in huge ways.  

You must prioritize your health above your spouse.  If you love your spouse then you desire to care for and serve them.  But if you neglect your health, eventually you won't be able to care for your spouse at all, they will have to care for you!

You must prioritize your relationship with God above everything.  The Bible says "God works all things together for the good of those who love him."   This speaks in some measure of heaven.  God draws our story-line to fulfillment in Christ.  But the opposite is also true.  How sweet will perks at work be, how will you enjoy a family, how will you enjoy health if you are separated from God eternally in hell?  If you don't prioritize a relationship with God-if you have disordered priorities-it will eventually lead to the destruction of the things you prize so much.  It's true with children and spouses, its true with health and work, it's true of God as well.

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