What Happened to the Pipe in Peru?

Monday, October 22, 2012
I've developed a bad habit over the years of telling just part of a story in order to make a point. I consider the point made and move on.  Meanwhile the congregation is sitting there wondering how the story ends.

This Sunday, if you were in the 9:30am service you know that years ago I was on a mission trip to Peru.  You also know that we were laying a pipe and ran into some rocks that blocked our progress. You also know that we didn't have any money to deal with the problem so we stopped and prayed.

What you don't know is what on earth happened with the pipe!

Well.  In the end it all came together.  It didn't go like we planned or expected, but the project was completed.  It was actually a really cool story about reliance on God in the midst of everyday circumstances. And that is what happened to the pipe in Peru.

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