Why I am Really Leaving Next Level Church

Monday, November 26, 2012

As you know, there is always a story behind "the story."  And whenever a pastor leaves a church there is a never-ending supply of possibilities: Maybe he cheated on his wife... Maybe he didn't get along with the lead pastor... Maybe he embezzled from the offering...  Well, I have access to the Next Level Church blog so I figured that if you wanted to hear the story behind the story you should probably hear it directly from me.

The truth is, I don't want to leave Next Level Church. Not Really.  It is an awesome church full of people that I have grown to love and respect. My best friends are here. Plus, people have worked really hard in their jobs and given faithfully so that Heather and I could concentrate on God's work in our church and city. On top of all that, the staff team at NLC is really incredible.  They are people that I respect professionally and like personally.  Todd, in particular, has been incredibly challenging, forgiving, caring, developing, and kind to Heather and me.  He has given me opportunity to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally over the last seven years.

BUT. I don't have a choice in leaving.

Here's why. Heather and I have come to believe that God is calling us to move to Boston to start a new church.  He has placed a burden on our hearts to plant a church to reach some of the 97.3% of the 4.5 million residents that don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It's not we believe that we'll be the saviors of the city, it's just that we know that Jesus has the power to be The Savior of the city and we want people to know him.  There are many neighborhoods in the city that don't have a single Bible-based church witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Boston is tough. It is cold, expensive, and we'll have to move out of our nice house in Indian Trail into a tiny apartment in the center-city. But we believe that God is speaking into our lives.  And as followers of Jesus Christ we believe this: God speaks, we step.

So if you must know why we are leaving, if you must know the story behind "the story." It is simply this: God speaks, we step.  And I hope that as followers of Jesus that when you hear God speak-whether it's a dream, a job, a goal, a prayer, a gift, or a step of faith-that you'll remember our life and our message, and you'll step.

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