Thankful - Next Level Church Edition

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, this is Thanksgiving week and we are in a two week series called THANKFUL.

Perfect time to tell you, NLC, why I am thankful for you:

-You are a church for the screwed and the screwed up. It's on our t-shirts. It's official. I am one of them as your pastor. It's the deal. It's real.

-You love people really, really well.

-You don't talk bad about folks. You value authenticity and rawness and honesty.

-You focus on the mission rather than your personal comfort or desires. I cannot tell you how important this is. I will always and forever go to war for that principle.

-You don't demand that Pastor Harrison wear a fancy worship pastor wardrobe. Heh.

-You ALWAYS Give Yourself Away. You're not about hype. You're about quietly serving, at great cost to yourself at times. You care for people with no food, no car, little hope. And you don't broadcast it. You fix roofs, toilets, cars, hearts, when no one knows about it. I do, but YOU don't (broadcast it, I mean).

-You are really, really kind to your pastors. This is a big deal. You let us lead. You only call people to account when they fail to lead. As you should.

-You don't allow people with big egos and a self-promotional spirit to stick around for long. You love them well and accept them but they never feel comfortable here. You have this sort of built-in immune system that is quite beautiful to behold. Really good antibodies.

-You love people without thought of getting credit for it.

-You care well for kids and students. The support you have given our Student Pastor, Matt Hastings, is amazing to behold.

-When Miranda and I were engaged, a bunch of you said stuff like "You take care of her or we will deal with you". That's sort of redneck, but really, truly cool.

-You are by far the healthiest church - emotionally and spiritually- I have ever been around. And I have been around some great churches.

-You make me smile and thank God every time I think of you.

Thank you, Next Level Church. Happy Thanksgiving.

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