The Challenge Update

Thursday, November 15, 2012
This Sunday was a monumental day at Next Level Church as we celebrated Commitment Day - giving and pledging to our mission to extend Jesus' love Here, There, and Everywhere. Lots of you guys want a report. I get that! Here's the deal - we are still tabulating. We know that not everyone comes every week and The Challenge offering envelopes will still be handed to everyone at both Matthews and Blakeney this week. You can also still give online. We are getting an amazing response online this week POST-Commitment Day! We have always and forever waited two weeks before announcing results. But here is what I CAN tell you. The early results, benchmarked against past giving initiatives, are VERY encouraging. I am pumped. If you have not participated in The Challenge, there is still time. If you did participate (or participate in the next two days), you will get a letter next week with preliminary results, announced to you before anyone else. I am so grateful for you - the people of Next Level Church!

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