The Unique Week Ahead at Next Level Church

Saturday, February 02, 2013
Lots of stuff happens every week in the life of Next Level Church, but this is a critical leadership week for us.

On Tuesday, Executive Pastor Rob Kendall and I will meet one on one with every member of our pastoral staff to review their 2012 and look ahead to their 2013, reviewing progress and planning ministry and personal development goals.. We'll pause for about fifteen minutes to scarf down Chick-fil-a around lunchtime but aside from that every second of our day will be about ministry and people.

The sessions are intentional - each staff member comes in having prepared exercises that are both personal and professional, designed to help them dig deep and assure that they are totally aligned with the mission and values of NLC and that they are as fulfilled as possible.

It is always an exciting (and exhausting!) day. I hear stories I otherwise would not have heard and learn more about the people I have the privilege to serve with.

The Wednesday is our annual Staff Planning Retreat. We celebrate God's victories at NLC in 2012, look carefully under the hood to see what we should be doing that we are not, what we should be doing better, and what we should stop doing. Then we look ahead to the balance of 2013, discerning where God is leading us together. We eat, pray, laugh, and plan together.

It's a long week, given that our normal Monday stem-to-stern meetings will still take place. But it's one of the most rewarding weeks of the year.

Please be praying for us, that we will hear well from God!

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