Weekend Preview: Breaking Bad Part 1

Friday, November 01, 2013

Have you ever felt like you are spending a lot of time trying to fix a problem you have, only to give up time after time? All of us are familiar with the battle of temptation and what it is like to give into sin. In fact, many of us have been trying to solve the problem of “us” for a long time. Some of us have lost friends, family, or jobs because we couldn’t solve 'us'. Some of us have even paid someone good money to solve us. So, is it possible to break out of the bad in our lives? How do we break the bad patterns, the bad habits, the bad decisions, the bad behavior?  Is there something we've missed? 

In Breaking Bad, we are going to spend 4 weeks in a study of Romans 5-7 where the apostle Paul reveals the believer's new relationship to sin and the ensuing freedom we were re-created to experience. In essence, Paul reveals to us exactly how we can "Break the Bad" in our lives for good.

See you there!

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