Why We Do What We Do

Monday, March 11, 2013
Shared from an NLC volunteer leader's Facebook post - with her permission.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the message at church this morning. How absurd is it that we honestly think we can hide or justify our actions from an all knowing God? We are all guilty of it! So thankful for Jesus, for His gift of forgiveness. For the chance to repent and change our ways. 

And I am extremely thankful I have a church I am excited to be a part of each and every week. It is no burden, no chore. Our church family IS our second family. They have been with us through so many ups and downs over the past few years. We haven't had to go it alone. 

I had almost convinced myself that I didn't really need church. I had my belief, my faith. And I was right, it's not my church that is my salvation. But, I didn't realize what I was missing in fellowship until we found Next Level Church. My husband had long believed we had no need of a church family. Now, I think the man would sleep in the green room if they would let him! lol He loves Next Level and the people that much. We both do. I hope everyone we love can experience what we have since finally finding OUR church family."

If you serve, volunteer, give, pray for Next Level Church, then you see the fruits of your labor here. This family are also huge contributors to our mission in terms of their time and support - they are truly 'paying it forward'.

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