The Best Worship Service Ever

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Just a heads up. Eight days from today, on Good Friday, we will be hosting the "Best Worship Service Ever".

Ok, maybe that's a little sensational. And probably untrue. Here is another way to say it that's 100% accurate. I am as excited for the Good Friday service as I have ever been for ANY service at Next Level Church. And I think it very well could be the best worship service we've had at Next Level Church.

Here is why. This service will be totally different than a normal weekend experience. The phrase "outside the box" is a little played out, so I will say that the Good Friday service will be very unconventional.

It will be an experience that makes you think. You'll learn about why the world needed a Savior, and to make it as epic as possible, the story we're telling at the Good Friday service begins at the moment of the creation of the world.

It will be an experience that makes you feel. It's not all academic, it's not a lecture. There are truths involved that, when understood, will rattle you to your core.

So you can see why I think it could be the best worship service ever. Also, like some of my favorite movies, it ends not with a pretty bow on top, but with a massive amount of tension. In fact, I think that's the last thing that will make Good Friday amazing- it's the beginning of the most important thing to ever happen to mankind. It all leads up to Easter Sunday, a day we celebrate and rejoice, but I promise you that Easter will mean so much more if you participate in Good Friday.

It all goes down at 7pm at the Matthews Campus, eight days from today. Be there.

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